What's Included?


At Little Einsteins, we provide fresh and cooked meals and children encouraged to eat the vegetables and fruit that they grow as part of a healthy eating plan. We know that many parents face the dilemma of children not wanting to eat a balanced diet, and believe that if a child is responsible for the nurturing, growing and preparation of that vegetable, it might become a lot more palatable!

We see this as a special opportunity that allows us to not only provide nourishing food but educate children about healthy food choices and relationships with food.
We believe that through nourishing food, children are fueled to thrive physically and mentally, whilst enjoying the benefits of coming together and connecting as a group at mealtimes. Mealtimes are calm, fun, social and children are encouraged to develop table manners and independent skills in serving food by being encouraged to regulate their own portions and clean up after meals.
Follow the delicious home cooked smells to find your way into our centre kitchen where you will find our fabulous and passionate centre cook who prepares all meals in the heart of our centre. Our team work in partnership with families to ensure children with food allergies, intolerances or cultural requirements have their needs met.
We want the eating experience to be fun and educational, often involving children in cooking and baking, prompting conversations about where food comes from and how it gets to our table.
If you’d like to know what your child is eating, see a copy of our latest menu in centre.

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Extracurricular activities

Little Einsteins offers many additional activities & programmes, to enhance your childs learning and experiences at the centre.

Nature Programmes

Our programmes revolve purely around child-led, nature based learning through play and exploration. Our children’s ideas spring from their imaginations, not from screens. Our Park in particular allows our children to engage in authentic, exciting interactions with the ‘real world’ and it’s elements, and to explore different weather systems and the seasonal changes on our environment. During these explorations, science is explored, physical play, literacy and numeracy – every moment is a learning moment! Our park is outside of our licenced area, which allows us to incorporate some calculated risk for children’s learning and development.

Pony Riding Lessons

Little Einsteins offers pony riding lessons for children aged 2 years plus. Andie, our multi-talented riding instructor, has many years experience, and will be teaching the art of pony care. The classes will involve grooming, leading the pony, learning the parts of a pony and its gear, saddling a pony up ready to ride, and riding. These classes will be for a half hour – 45 minute duration, and bookings are essential. They will run during school terms daily and will cost $20 per lesson. Bookings will be taken at the office or via email. Andie, together with Spice, Sugar and Cracker look forward to teaching your children the joy of horses!

Swimming Lessons

Teach your child the joys of swimming, integrating basic water confidence, songs and games, bubble blowing, floating and kicking, respect for the water and general water safety. Our solar-heated in-ground pool operates throughout the summer months with instructor Emma at the helm, facilitating a class specific to preschool children to begin their water confidence journey. Parents/caregivers will swim with all children under two. Bookings are essential, and can be done by email, phone or at the office! Classes cost $50 for a 5-week block, and children swim once per week.

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Our children enjoy walks where they can get out and explore locally. Outside of our licenced area, we offer more ‘space’ for your children, including a swimming pool, a BMX track and a low ropes challenge course with a climbing wall. The children can take excursions out onto the farm to feed the chickens, raise the orphan lambs, and ride the ponies, cuddle the rabbits, discover the turtles and explore the bird aviary. In addition, our large redwood forest and native garden encourage the children to develop a relationship with their natural environment.
We are excited by the ‘forest kindergarten’ concept that originated in Denmark and all it has to offer children, thus we provide a curriculum of nature-based learning, and regular small group excursions to a forest in Te Miro.

Portfolios & Storypark

We use an awesome app called Storypark, which allows whānau to follow their child’s early learning journey and to ensure you don’t miss out on important centre communications.

Photos, videos and audio capture your child’s learning so you never miss a treasured moment again. You and your family can also feel more engaged in your child’s development, and you decide who you would like to invite to experience your childs learning journey with you. A perfect way to share those special moments with loved ones down the line or overseas.

Although we love to use Storypark as an online platform to communicate with parents, we also use paper portfolios for each child.

Children enjoy finding their paper portfolio and reflecting on their past activities at the centre. It is a fantastic way for children to engage in self-recognition and reflect on their personal development, as well as being a treasured keepsake for their 21st Birthday!

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We understand that your child’s education & care is a priority and that choosing the right centre can be a big decision. We would be delighted to share in your child’s learning journey. Feel welcome to contact us in whichever way is most convenient for you, or visit our centre and meet our Teaching Team!